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Casa EM

The project, in Jesolo residential area, envisages the implementation of a building with five flats developing on three floors. The main feature of the building will be an independent access to each unit. A “Collective living” concept, yet virtually without space shared among residents. The U shaped plan, bending around the central staircase that leads to the only flat on the second floor, gives a rotation to the southern blade, gradually decreasing towards the outside. On the ground floor there are two flats, with a private garden each, while an external staircase, on the eastern front of the building, provides access to flats on the first floor. The linearity of volumes is interrupted by indented loggias, protecting the intimate space of flats and contributing to creating an interrelation between indoor and outdoor areas. On the front these voids, alternating with brick grids, are highlighted by a darker colour than the white tone of plaster. The peculiar element of the fronts is the sloping copper covering, “invading” the façades and interrupting their linear shape.


Architects: C&P Architetti _ Luca Cuzzolin + Elena Pedrina
Members of the team: Silvia Cibinetto, Sara Orlando, Alice Ferro
Consultants: Enrico Cosmo, Mauro Dalla Libera, DB Acustica
Structural engineer: Massimo Bozzo

Photographs: Alessandra Chemollo