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A sequence of lined-up buildings dating back to different periods, overlooking an archaeological area and the vegetable gardens of the houses located on the opposite side: these are the main elements of this new residential project. The project volume, including the five residential row houses, extends the existing building curtain, highlighting the peculiarities of the context in a simple and balanced way.
The shape of the plan derives from the respect of building constraints, but the new project is basically defined by the two pitches covered in zinc-titanium which, following the shape of the roof of the neighbouring house it leans on, extend and reach the opposite angle, facing the road.
Rooms are conceived with a double orientation, to exploit the view of the archaeological park along the eastern side and, on the opposite side, that of vegetable gardens and gardens of the neighbouring houses, as well as the view of the access road leading to the new houses being built and other lots.
Ground floor rooms overlook the archaeological park thanks to a small private garden, while a wooden platform somehow extends the space of living rooms, in the form of a terrace. On the other side, where entrances will be located, the private outdoor space merges with the collective space.


Architects: C&P Architetti _ Luca Cuzzolin + Elena Pedrina
Members of the team: Alice Ferro, Sara Orlando
Consultants: Enrico Cosmo
Structural engineer: Massimo Bozzo
Photographs: Luca Casonato