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Casa VR

The restructuring of this building, dating back to the Thirties and subject to architectural conservation constraints, was carried out with utmost respect for the existing structure, although shaping new spatial concepts and articulating and enhancing its relation with the outer landscape.
The central element, hinge of the organisation of the house, is the new double height void obtained in the space originally occupied by the porch. On the ground floor this totally windowed volume modifies the relation between inside and outside, opening a bright view on the landscape of the garden and the countryside of Cavallino area, virtually projecting it indoors. Looking at it on the plan, it counters the volume of service rooms and defines and separates the two open spaces at the ground floor: a wider one, with a niche hosting the traditional hearth, is hinged around the closed volumes of the stairs leading to the first floor, separating the living room from the kitchen-dining room area.
Upstairs: the bedrooms, services and, connected by the corridor overlooking the void of the porch, a further multipurpose room lighted by slots obtained by the brick pattern used for the fronts.


Architects: C&P Architetti _ Luca Cuzzolin + Elena Pedrina
Members of the team: Cristiano Billia, Silvia Rossi, Kerstin Schamun
Consultants: Remo De Zotti, Studio Delta,
Structural engineer: Franco Lazzarini
Landscape Architects: Made Associati
Photographs: Luca Casonato