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Futuro Liestal

The project area – to be hosting a regional service centre – is located in Liestal, in the urban area of Basel.Located between the city and the countryside, the site is very much influenced by infrastructure: the railway to Bern, the motorway tollgate and ramps connecting to the local road system.The project applies to ground -1, a hypogeal space accessed by two ramps along the northern side, where offices and collective rooms are arranged around the empty spaces of the yards.At ground 0, the project becomes a modelling of the soil. The lawn rises northwards,defining an artificial hill and somehow protecting the project area from the railway sand motorway junction. The large surface becomes a large garden-square, furrowed crosswise by cuts providing lighting to the hypogeal yards, topped by transparent volumes providing access for visitors and, in the highest area, the only tall building. This space, open to the public, leaves the gaze free to wander on the open landscape of the valley, creating a new relation with it, an architectural shape that is the synthesis of a“built void”.


Architects: CCP Architetti _ Carlo Calderan, Luca Cuzzolin, Elena Pedrina
Members of the team: Cristiano Billia, Silvia Rizzo, Kerstin Schamun, Lucio Giaracuni, 

Silvia Cibinetto, Sara Orlando
Consultants: GSG Projektpartner
Structural engineer: BSB + Partner
Construction site manager: Martin Kuemmerli, Suiselectra, Gruner AG
Landscape Architects: Stoeckli, Kienast & koeppel Landschaftsarchitekten
Photographs: Luca Casonato