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Torre di Mosto

The quest for unity, by re-thinking existing residual spaces, is the starting point for the new square in Torre di Mosto. The area concerned is the second part of a broader project involving the Town Hall esplanade as well. The present fragmentation of the built-up area was tackled through the search for a new adherence between what remains of open spaces and the attempt to attribute a new role to the various buildings dating back to different periods. The project arranges existing elements, representing the essence of civic life in the city, in a common landscape with the view of Livenza riverbanks. The new paved surface, of “washed” reinforced concrete and raw porphyry slabs, hosts city life events and fades towards the riverbank, slowly mixing with the existing lawn. Seats, stuck into the sloping grass surface, face the new square-arena, as monoliths underlining the artificial nature of the landscape design. Given the constraints imposed by the Civil Engineering Authority,the only activity that could be carried out in the river area was the creation of a new embankment supporting the seats. A series of low seats define the boundary between the eastern side of the new square and the nearby parking lot, merging in the open volume of the bus stop, located southwards and overlooking the back of the Town Hall.


Architects: C&P Architetti _ Luca Cuzzolin + Elena Pedrina (Secondo stralcio: progetto definitivo,
esecutivo e Direzione Lavori) Fase concorsuale e preliminare con N.Saul e S.Fierro
Members of the team: Silvia Cibinetto, Sara Orlando, Alice Ferro, Nicola Strametto
Consultants: Remo De Zotti, Enrico Cosmo, Giorgio Bessega
Structural engineer: Studio Linea - Padova, Albino Loro + Giorgio Serafini
Procedure manager: Maurizio Dall’Antonia
Photographs: Alessandra Chemollo