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Sun68 - Stores 2014-2017

After the creation of the first stores, opened between 2009 and 2011, now new stores follow and open up in Italy.

Initially, the idea for the stores was for them to have a clear, unique, recognisable image, strongly complying with the conditions of the space to be transformed: the conditions were interpreted and highlighted by a design that was able not just to reveal them, but also to emphasize their essential nature, from the material or structural point of view. On the contrary, the request is now for flexible and potentially changeable spaces: the idea is to create stores that can easily adjust to necessary changes and therefore stores that can be set up quickly.

The aim is not to design a rigid “format” to be repeated in different conditions, but to define an outfitting mode based on two different levels of interventions.

The first design level concerns the existing shell of the premises, while the second defines the "furnishing items" for the functioning of the store.

The intervention on the premises foresees, when possible, a “deepcleansing” of the existing surfaces, in the attempt of bringing back old walls, original floors or other historical elements (as it occurred in Brescia and Verona).

A different strategy to be implemented has the objective of transforming the premises inside into a neutral and monochromatic environment, which keeps visible all the elements that were "found",such as simple broken attic hollowcore slabs, casual patching of the wall structure or drainage pipes in full view, like in the Padua store.

When there are possibilities to enhance pre-existing elements, acompletely new “container-box” is created, one that overlaps floor and walls. The fitting of this new box inside the existing premises becomes the background on which the display and containing facilities of the store lie on (this is the case of Bergamo).

The second level provides for the design of the display elements: the cash register, changing rooms and other items necessary to the functioning of the store – through the use of a few basic material,such as: chipboard, waxed iron, mirror and Plexiglas. The process of blending different materials allows putting together an image that, although it changes every time, manages to maintain a sequentiality and a recognisable and customized figurative coherence.

Recovering the premises gives the space a sense of stability and durability,while the lighter and temporary elements of the furniture enhance the product, contributing to highlight the architectural character of the spaces.

Sun 68 Parma

Sun68 Torino

Sun68 Trieste

Sun 68 Bologna

Sun 68 Riccione

Sun 68 Piacenza

Sun 68 Udine

Sun 68 Mantova

Sun 68 Cuneo

Sun 68 Modena

Sun68 Bergamo

Sun68 Verona

Sun68 Padova

Sun68 Forte dei Marmi

Sun68 Brescia


Architects: C&P Architetti _ Luca Cuzzolin + Elena Pedrina
Members of the Team: Valentina Cendron
Construction: G&G Arreda
Electrical system: Selco Impianti
Photographs: Luca Casonato

Sun68 Flag Store Jesolo Lido

The flag store of the young fashion brand SUN68 was set up at the ground floor of a house built in the Sixties and overlooking via Bafile, the main commercial pedestrian street in the seaside resort of Jesolo Lido. The request from the client was that of creating a “customised” environment, although leaving large room for manoeuvre to conceive the project. It should embody a dialogue between product philosophy and indoor autonomy. Material used, colour matching and details had to be free to express their essence, although exalting the product to be displayed.
The existing rectangular space, previously a deli shop, was completely emptied and cleaned from its previous technical elements and coating material.
Two new display windows were opened along the sea promenade, while a glass structure temporarily widening the display space, in compliance with municipal regulations, was set up overlooking the main road, where the shop entrance is located.
The project envisages leaving new technical plants visible on the ceiling, choosing raw solid oak flooring and steel fittings for the windows overlooking Via Bafile. The two lateral displays show metal intrados painted white.
The new objects where “placed” inside: the lateral wall and the two central counters with prefab concrete elements, the mirror box containing changing rooms, hanging from the bottom wall, and the white painted metal monolith of the cashier.
The new container, in the form of raw revisited, and the new elements added are in a relation that defines the shop display: everything that happens indoors is projected outdoors.

Sun68 Flag Store Milano

Nella zona dei Navigli a Milano, al piano terra di una palazzina inizio secolo affacciata sulla Darsena, è stato realizzato il secondo negozio monomarca per l'azienda di moda SUN68. 
La richiesta della committenza era di creare un ambiente come “misura del luogo”, esito dell’incontro tra filosofia aziendale e caratteristiche degli spazi: la valorizzazione del prodotto avviene contestualmente alla scoperta degli interni dell’edificio, denudati da superfetazioni e finalmente liberi di mostrarsi nel loro carattere strutturale e materico originario. 
Lo spazio esistente è stato completamente svuotato e ripulito dalle precedenti installazioni tecniche e dai materiali di rivestimento, riportando alla luce le murature e gli archi sottostanti. I nuovi oggetti, destinati ad assolvere le funzioni del negozio, si accostano alla struttura rivelata senza occultarla: la parete laterale di prefabbricati di cemento, la scatola di specchio contenente i camerini, il mobile centrale in metallo cerato e il monolite laccato bianco della cassa.


Architects: C&P Architetti _ Luca Cuzzolin + Elena Pedrina
Members of the Team: Lorenzo Anese, Michele Callegher, Valentina Cendron, Alice Ferro
Photographs: Luca Casonato, Alessandra Chemollo