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The plan of the building is irregular and fragmented, concave eastwards. On that side, the front is marked by wide openings, protected at ground floor. The porch develops as a volume opening on the garden, following the contour of the house and progressively decreasing towards the northern side.
The opposite front, introverted, has a lower distribution of volumes outdoors, highlighting the house entrance. The northern front, articulated on the height of the first floor, is marked by an element containing the smokestack.
The ground floor hosts the living area, with large windows opening in the various rooms (living room, kitchen, dining room and double height studio) to offer a view of the garden. Upstairs there are bedrooms and services. The covering follows the irregular pattern of the plan culminating, towards the northern front, with a large copper plate covered slope.


Architects: C&P Architetti _ Luca Cuzzolin + Elena Pedrina
Members of the team: Silvia Cibinetto, Massimo Rinaldo
Consultants: Stefano Mamprin, Studio Delta, Mauro Dalla Libera
Structural engineer: Roberto Rossetto, Studio Nep
Photographs: Alessandra Chemollo