Studio C&P architetti

C&P is an architecture studio that operates since 1999 – with headquarters in San Donà di Piave, near Venice – headed by two architects:
Luca Cuzzolin and Elena Pedrina.

The studio operates in three different design fields: all over the world with fashion retail; in the sector of business buildings and showrooms for Italian enterprises; and finally in the design of villas and the refurbishment of buildings for private clients.

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Peserico Milano via Solferino

Flag-Ship Store

Soft colours and composition simplicity characterize the space of the new Peserico flagship stores.
Asiago white marble, natural oak wood and waxed iron are the materials used for the refurbishment of the new premises.

The marble slabs were used for the flooring and extend up the lateral walls with the same straight lay pattern, underlining the continuity of the material of the new intervention and also becoming the support onto which the furnishing elements and the articles of clothing lie.

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Casa DD

San Dona' di Piave

The project envisages the extension and restructuring of a building of the Seventies, located in a residential lot dating back to the same period. The existing building, two stories with a pavilion roof and deep eaves, had storerooms and a garage on the ground floor and rooms for family life on the first floor.

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