Built in a new residential area, this house is marked by a plan structure defining the relation between indoors and outdoors in different ways, through openings underlined by loggias, hybrid open spaces and slight gradients. The plan is U shaped, enclosing a yard opening eastwards. The entrance is on the opposite side, to the west, and provided through a jutting loggia.

The two wings of the building develop around the hinge of the entrance and kitchen, developing further on the open volume overlooking the garden.

The sequence of these spaces and thresholds – highlighted by different material used for flooring – creates a passage from a “public” outdoors to a private one, protected by the courtyard. The northern wing of the house is devoted to service spaces, while the southern wing is for dining and living, with a further room with a pergola ceiling and three walls and the fourth side opening on the yard.

The living room stairs climb up the mezzanine, leading to the main bedroom and bathroom. A further stairwell is located in the northern wing, leading to the single bedrooms. The two sleeping areas, although communicating, are therefore completely independent.