The project envisages the extension and restructuring of a building of the Seventies, located in a residential lot dating back to the same period. The existing building, two stories with a pavilion roof and deep eaves, had storerooms and a garage on the ground floor and rooms for family life on the first floor. The project does not deny the original volumetric approach, but the extension and reshaping of existing façades radically varies indoors dynamics, aesthetics and the relation with the garden.

The ground floor now hosts the living area, some of the partition walls were demolished and a new exposed reinforced concrete extension was built, as a prolongation of the living room projected towards the garden, in the shape of a window-sofa and fireplace area. The first floor is dedicated to the sleeping area and children’s playground, while all rooms provide access to the small terrace-garden covering the new extension below. Special attention was devoted to reshaping fronts, in order to improve access to the garden and favour the use of natural lighting